Tanvi Azmi is glad to see female actors of her age group are getting good work

Tanvi Azmi recently opened up about the changing content in Bollywood. The actress is grateful that characters and stories are now being written keeping older female actors in mind.

Talking about the same to a news portal, Tanvi reportedly said that she would say that it is more of a recent thing for actors in her age group now. It is a very recent development that they are getting good work. Suddenly they are all being discovered and being looked at as people who can helm a film on their shoulder.

Elaborating further, the senior actress added that they write stories about them. These are real stories, true-life stories, the more we explore this the more it will widen our horizon and make more filmmakers available and open to these kinds of scripts.

Talking about exploring opportunities, Azmi went on to say that she is more than happy and more than willing to do more work. According to her, there is so much work and that she would never turn down ‘Tribhanga’ or even ‘Thappad’ even though she didn’t have the central character in it.

Spilling the beans on the criterion she has while choosing her projects, Tanvi reportedly said that she wants to be a part of a film that is trying to project something else, something new. The actress added that it would be great if she gets central characters in the new kind of films that are being made.