Tanya Hope says she learnt Tamil on the sets while shooting

Tanya Hope, who made her debut with Arun Vijay-starrer Thadam last year, had Dharala Prabhu in Kollywood earlier this year, which released a few days before theatres were shut down in Tamil Nadu. The Bengaluru-based actress shared some of the interesting things with her fans during an Insta chat with them. When a fan asked her to choose between Thadam and Dharala Prabhu, she confessed she can’t do it and said both the movies are special to her. The actress once again said that Suriya is her favourite Tamil star while she chose Allu Arjun from Tollywood.

When one of her fans asked her if she would date a fan of hers, she said, “If I date, he has to be a fan.” Another admirer of hers complimented that she excelled in romantic scenes of Dharala Prabhu, for which she replied, “My director thinks I have other strengths. Romance isn’t my strongest forte.” To another fan who posed the question, ‘You talk very well in Tamil. How did you learn it’, she said, “Set la kathukitten.” Tanya also added that she’s currently in talks for her next project in Tamil while her upcoming project in Telugu will have her play a biker in it.