#TeachersDayFlashbackBulbbul actress Paoli remembers her first acting teacher on Teacher’s Day

Other than her parents, one person who played a big role in shaping Paoli’s life was her first acting teacher, Sailen Ghosh. “Sailen sir passed away years back but I will always remember him. He used to teach me acting since nursery and under his guidance, I have learnt the nuances of this craft. Sailen sir used to tell me that subtleness is the key to good acting, which I try to follow even now. I still remember the rehearsal days with sir, where he used to tell me: Be the character you are playing and forget about your own identity. Sailen sir taught me acting is all about keeping your mind alert and reacting to it. I owe a lot to him and on each Teacher’s Day, I miss him a lot. I wish he was there today to see whatever his student has achieved by her sheer hard work,” said Paoli, who is at present shooting for Rick Basu’s film Aboho. Talking about the film, the actress said, “It is a psychological thriller and the film also stars Soumitra Chatterjee and Kharaj Mukherjee in the lead. This is the first film I am shooting after March. The first time, I heard the camera rolling, it was a different feeling altogether. I worked with Rick before in Devi and Rana da (Dasgupta) was the DoP of that film. Here too, three of us got united again, so that’s a bonus. In this new normal, of course, things are difficult but one has no choice but to accept it. It is really tiring to sanitise your hands every now and then while shooting or even wear the mask on the floor other than acting but we have no option.”