The Dialogue of Varun Dhawan's film "ABCD 2" inspires state of Israel work like “COVID -19 Antidote”

Varun Dhawan is happy about this, the dialogue of his film “ABCD 2” has inspired Israel’s country. The dialogue of this film is work like an antidote in the people of that country, which helps them to fight against “COVID 19”.

The official Twitter handle of the Israel country wrote dialogue on Twitter, inspired everyone, “Sahi disha me utha har ek kadam apne aap mein ek manzil hai. Aakhir zindagi ka matlab hi agla kadam chunana hai. Every step taken in the right direction… is like achieving the goal in itself… After all life is all about the next step.”

Varun is very happy that the Dialogue of his film has become an inspiration for the people of Israel. The Israeli Defense Minister and the Israel Institute for Biological Research have detected an antidote for the corona virus that attacks the virus and can neutralize it in a sick body. ” Varun hopes this to be true.