The Kashmir Files

Apr 4, 2020
The Kashmir Files

“Presenting The Kashmir Files. A film on Kashmiri Pandit Refugees. On our 73rd Independence anniversary, we will bring you the unreported story of the most tragic and gut-wrenching genocide of Kashmiri Hindus. Please bless our team as it’s not an easy story to tell,” said Agnihotri. Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s, we want to tell the story of this horrifying event to the world.

Agnihotri, along with his wife and actress Pallavi Joshi, will be interviewing

Agnihotri said: “I believe that this is the first schedule of ‘The Kashmir Files’ and is the most difficult part of the filming process because it involves real people and real stories, which Pallavi and I would capture on camera. Once I get this right, it is half battle won.”

“The research for this project is an extensive one and I want to channelize my energy to digging as deep as possible to get the truth out. This incident should have gone down in the annals in history, but where is it? How many people know about its magnitude?”

Agnihotri shared a poster of the film on the social media. The poster featuring a map of Kashmir in a burnt orange shade had “The right to truth continues” written on it.

Agnihotri also shared that he is making the film on public demand. He said: “A film like ‘The Kashmir Files’ has to bring out the truth or else it will be just another film that will come and go. I’m making this film ‘by demand’ – I have numerous well-wishers who have urged me to pick up this subject.

A source informs, “The research work of The Kashmir Files is over. Featuring Anupam Kher in a pivotal role, The Kashmir Files is slated for release on Independence Day, this year. Vivek has stated that the film will explore the “violent and barbaric ethnic cleansing” of religious minorities in Kashmir. The film is scheduled to hit screens on August 15, 2020.