The red color looks very good on the Kiara Advani

Nowadays, Kiara Advani is included in the top list of actresses in Bollywood. “Kabir Singh” and “Good News” are both films released in 2019, and there were also blockbuster hits. Even in the case of fashion, she is not less than any actress. That well also seems to be prettier in any clothes.

Kiara has put her photo on insta by wearing a red dress. In front of work, film “Kabir Singh” became a hit, his life changed. Recently she said “Kabir Singh” movie is a “game changer” for me. But I can’t forget the “digital platform” of 2018. Because of this, people notice me as a actress.

Due to this Filmmakers wanted to meet me and work with me after seeing my performance. Kabir Singh got me a place straight in the hearts of the audience. I can never forget the love I got from “Preeti’s” role.

When I went to promote the film “Good News” in Chandigarh, all the audience gave voice saying “Preeti”, “Preeti”.I was very stunned to hear this, and I felt that this is something special, different, and new.