Theatre Love: I’ve borrowed money to watch films in the theatre: Mahat Raghavendra

My mother is a huge film buff, and we used to watch films in the theatre ever since I was a kid. One of the first few films that I saw in the theatre and remember even now is Rajini sir’s Muthu. We watched it in Udhayam theatre along with his fans. There was so much craze, and I became his fan since then. Over time, while I was in Class nine, we used to bunk classes to watch films. At that time, Rohini Theatre was our hangout spot. We bought tickets in black to watch films like Ratchagan and Minnale. In school and college, we tried to watch all films on the first day or watch them at least that weekend. We used to see all these films with our pocket money. My parents were abroad then, and I used to end up spending money on theatres and outings. I used to spend all the money so quickly that I used to borrow money from my friends to watch films in the theatre. Some of my school besties were studying at New College. Our biggest timepass was to sit in the compound wall of Sathyam Cinemas. Nalla ukkandhu ponnungala sight adipom (laughs). It is always fun watching films in the theatre. I love Albert and Devi as you can witness fans going crazy. Semma arachagam pannuvaanga. In fact, when we were in college, we used to get into fights with other college students in the theatre. There was a time when theatre guys chased us out (laughs). Just recollecting these memories makes me smile.

I had always wished to see myself on the screen. When that happened with Mankatha, I was too happy. There are so many emotions out there for me and theatres have taught me a lot. Yes, this is a scary time. But theatres will brave through this and we will be able to watch all those lovely films. As a kid, I always wanted to become an actor, who is loved by fans. So, those dreams are yet to be fulfilled. I am positive that the pandemic will end soon.