#TheatreLove: I can never forget the euphoria of watching Baashha on the big screen: Arivazhagan

My most memorable theatre experience happened when I watched Baashha. I’m a theevira Rajini fan. I was studying in a college in Trichy during the film’s release. Two of my friends were hardcore Kamal fans. They accompanied me to the FDFS of the film, mainly to stop me from enjoying it.

Everyone knows now that the interval block in that film is one of the most powerful ones in Tamil cinema. When we came to that sequence, my friends, forgot why they were there in the theatre — to hold my hands so that I wouldn’t be able to clap for Thalaivar — and started cheering wildly. The theatre went crazy. It was almost as if a thunderstorm had formed inside the hall. I can never forget the euphoria I experienced.

Our audiences have been connected with the movie screen for more than a century. While the direct-to-home concept might be a decade or so old in the western world, for us, it is only now that people are opening up to OTT content, mainly because of a lack of viewing options.

Theatres are all about mass psychology. They enhance the movie experience. When someone sitting next to us gets excited by something happening on the screen, that excitement also rubs off on to us.