#TheatreLove: I kept looking down when my scenes played on the big screen: Aathmika

Even as the central government has announced that movie theatres can be opened from October 15 with 50 per cent occupancy, there is still uncertainty over how audience would embrace the new theatre experience. In this column, celebrities reminisce about catching their fave films at theatres and the magic of the movie hall…

My most memorable movie-going experience relates to the screening of my own movie, Meesaya Murukku. I’d put up a post saying I’d be watching the film at Luxe and when I entered the theatre, there was so much crowd. They played my song and gave me a huge applause, and that was a very warm gesture. I didn’t expect such a reception. Many people told me that they had come after seeing my post and it was so nice to have that sort of meet-and-greet.

The first time I watched my movie, I was so nervous about watching myself on screen and kept looking down when my scenes played. And in the film, my scene had quite a bit of build-up. I was introduced with a shot of my feet first and the camera then tilted up to reveal my face, and I was worried the crowd would get disappointed and boo! I was literally shivering and holding on to my friend’s hand. Gradually, I realised people were receiving my performance well, and were clapping at times. So, what started as a nerve-racking experience ended up as a goosebumps moment.

I visited almost every theatre in the city to check out the response and saw the film. I really miss those times! I’m waiting for things to get to that kind of normalcy. Of course, safety first and entertainment next, but somewhere, it is also mentally healing.

I’m really looking forward to going back to theatres and watching a movie there. There are certain films that you have to watch only in theatres, for the effects and sound. And you want to go with your friends and spend some quality time together.