#TheatreLove: Watching movies on the big screen is truly magical, Prem

The first film I saw FDFS was Rajini sir’s Padikkathavan. My friend bought the tickets in black. I guess they cost `50 or something, which was quite expensive back then. I was in school. It was such a huge thrill as my family hardly let me watch films that way. In fact, it is these experiences that kindled in me a desire to enter the cinema industry. I also remember watching Idhaya Thamarai the same way when I was doing my Class 11. These days, I always try to catch the FDFS of films because I do not want the reviews and opinion about the film to colour my experience.

My most memorable moments were seeing myself on the big screen in Nepali and Dhanam. The wonder of seeing yourself on the big screen is something else. I usually like to watch films on the big screen. It is truly magical. And enjoying a film with people, and observing their comments… that provides great feedback. Theatre experience theatre experience dhaan!