This Day Last Year: When death threat failed to deter Kaushik Sen from questioning authorities

Tollywood is thriving on nostalgia amidst the nationwide lockdown and here’s a throwback from last year when Kaushik Sen’s name came out as one of the signatories to an open letter addressed to PM Narendra Modi sent by 48 known personalities to express their concern over incidents of political lynching across the country.

The actor allegedly received death threats, following the letter. Speaking to us, he had said, “I have been receiving anonymous calls for years. Such calls particularly increased from 2007. But this is for the first time that I have received a death threat by someone. The caller clearly warned me that he would take my life. ‘Hindu der opor otyachar hochhe dekhte paona? Beshi barabari korle jaane mere debo,’ he told me.”

However, the incident didn’t deter Kaushik from continuing to support his cause and register a protest when there is a need. “I have informed the police. West Bengal is not a place where these people can do anything they want. I can see the threat. Certain leaders are saying they would not let us step out of Bengal. Let’s see what happens. My lifestyle will not change. I have not sought protection. How many people can avail protection anyway? My son, Riddhi, has signed on the letter too. He is also pretty famous. My wife, Reshmi, is well known too. The other members of my theatre group are also part of it. How many people can get protection?” he asked.