This is when Dev-Rukmini’s ‘Kishmish’ will hit the floors

Dev and Rukmini Maitra will once again pair up for a film. Their jodi will next be seen in Rahul Mukherjee’s film ‘Kishmish’. Rahul has earlier directed Ami Sairabanu which hasn’t hit the theatres till date.

‘Kishmish’ was supposed to release this Durga Puja but it was later pushed back as shooting got stalled due to the pandemic and also the release of as many as 12 Bengali films during Puja would have become a tough challenge for the film. Now, according to industry sources, if all goes according to plan, the shooting will resume early next year since it will require large crew members and cast.

‘Kishmish’ is a romantic comedy and it will also feature 2D animation. Dev will be seen in three avatars in this film. It also stars Kharaj Mukherjee, Anjana Basu and Kamaleswar Mukherjee in the lead.

The film talks about love in three different timelines. One of the stories has a political background too. What today’s generation thinks about love will be shown in this film. It is a relevant love story for today’s youth.

Rukmini was offered this film way back in 2015 by Rahul when she was into modeling. So, the director has been planning this film for a long time with the duo in mind. Dev and Rukmini last appeared in a film together in Kamaleswar Mukherjee directed action-thriller ‘Password’ which released during 2019 puja.