Thursday Throwback: When ‘Kedara’ trailer received thumbs up from all

Tollywood is thriving on nostalgia amidst the nationwide lockdown and here’s a throwback from last year when ‘Kedara’, music director Indraadip Dasgupta’s debut as a filmmaker, upped the expectation bar. In between its prestigious festival rounds, winning accolades and winning National Award as the Special Jury Award made one of the most humble persons in Tollywood even more excited ahead of the film’s theatrical release.

The official trailer of ‘Kedara’ was released on September 23, 2019 and it surely grabbed a special place in the viewer’s heart. It’s the kind of subject that is bound to make you smile, feel nostalgic, and look into the corner of the soul that is still a child.

It’s the story of a lonely ventriloquist and Kaushik Ganguly in that delivers what is easily the best performance of his career so far. The trailer once again proves why critics have time and again said almost singularly he has carried the film on his shoulders leaving a lasting imprint in the minds of the audience. Rudranil Ghosh as his friend Keshto is equally brilliant.