Tnusree rediscovers the detective inside her!

Tnusree Chakraborty has already started shooting for Sayantan Ghosal’s film, ‘Nirbandhamer Jora Khun’. Talking about the film, she told ETimes in an exclusive chat: “The film is a thriller and this is my first project with Sayantan. He is extremely sorted as a director. I play Shibani Gupta, a homicide officer, who solves a murder mystery.”

The actress was first seen as a police officer in ‘Aleya’. “After Aleya, this is my second film where I play a lady cop. I think there is a hidden detective in each of us. I still remember when I used to watch detective films with my father, I always tried to find out who was the culprit! Baba used to joke that I will become a detective. At home, if ma can’t find anything I start questioning everyone like a detective,” said Tnusree, with a smile. The thriller also stars Indrasish Roy.

Speaking about the current crisis, she said: “Corona has taught us one big lesson — we were running too fast and forgetting that we are all equal when nature gets back. We should all curtail on luxury, and go back to basics in this time of crisis. Please stay healthy and safe.”