'Treat mental health as your physical health, its a every day process"

There’s no denying that the Marathi actor Bhushan Pradhan, is one of the fittest actors in the Marathi film industry. Be it his photo shoots where he is seen flaunting the six-pack abs or his workout videos, he sets the bar has when it comes to fitness. He is someone who always talks about the importance of physical fitness but apart from keeping your body fit, the actor believes that one should also take care of their mind. “Just like physical health, you need to take care of your mental health as well. Just like when you start working out, you cannot just lift 100 kgs the very first day, you will start with 10 and then gradually go to 100, similarly don’t avoid the things that affects your mind, because if you keep avoiding it, one day it will be too big for you to avoid and things will go out of control, so start from day 1, even if the smallest things affect your mind, try to cut that out of your life in the initial stages,” explain Bhushan. According to the actor, there is a lot of conversation that is going on about mental health at the moment, but when it comes to taking help or consulting a professional, people are still hesitant. “During the lockdown a lot of my friends got in touch with to talk about things and how their life is going. I am really glad, that they feel that they can talk to me, but I am not a professional, only till a certain I can understand your problems, but beyond that a professional therapist will be a right person who can help you out, but the whole idea of going to a counsellor is still a little uncomfortable for people,” says the actor. He also suggests that just life family doctors, every family should have a family psychologists. “I have been going to my psychologist for years now, she is my go to person for all the problem and stressors that I deal with. She is our family psychologist,” says Bhushan.