Troll targets Vijay Sethupathi's daughter with rape threat over Muthiah Muralidaran biopic

It was only recently that a troll was arrested by the cops for issuing rape threats against Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s daughter on social media following the Chennai Super King’s lacklustre show in the IPL. Now, this ugly side of social media has reared its head once again.

A troll, who goes by the handle @ItsRithikRajh, has been receiving condemnation from netizens following his contemptible comment, while replying to a tweet of actor Vijay Sethupathi, who has been under pressure from pro-Tamil organisations and activists to withdraw from the Muthiah Muralidaran biopic 800 (The actor has now pulled out of the project).

Earlier in the day, the actor had put up a post sharing his happiness at the 8th anniversary of his film Pizza. However, replying under that tweet, the troll made a remark about kidnapping and raping the actor’s daughter — who is a child — to show him the pain of Eelam Tamils.

Singer Chinmayi was one of the netizens who reported the account to the police. “A Tamil man who expresses his difference of opinion. This is why they stand in support of sexual crimes in the society. Is nobody in this system going to change this? A man who can say in public about raping a child is a criminal,” she posted.

“Why does this crappy society do this? Watch silently when this happens? How are men raised to speak out a rape threat? Why is it when adults fight like hyenas, the women and children have to suffer? Shame on all of you who do it and those who watch and remain silent,” she added.

Actress Kasthuri, who went by the troll’s display picture, wrote, “Dear Ajith fans, seri. unga vazhikke varren. Any action on this pig . He is ‘free’ it seems. That is his idea of #Valimai️ …? If you are honorable people, this is your chance to prove it. I am waiting.”

It remains to be seen if action would be taken against this troll for his reprehensible post.