Tusshar: What worked for me was that I became a parent because I wanted to be one

Actor-turned-producer Tusshar was among the first celebrities to take the surrogacy route to become a parent. It has been four years since he welcomed his son Laksshya into his life. Not only did the industry embrace his decision to become a single parent, but also inspired his sister Ekta Kapoor and friend, filmmaker Karan Johar to become parents using the same method. Ekta is now a mommy to toddler Ravie and Karan has adorable twins, Roohi and Yash.

Talking about fulfilling the duties of both parents for his on Lakkshya, Tusshar says, “What worked for me was that I became a parent at the right age and I became a parent because I wanted to be one. You have to find your inner voice. Parenting is not a cakewalk for anyone and it is not to be seen as a sacrifice either – by singles or by married couples. It’s just a commitment you make to this child you bring into the world. The one advice I would always give to anyone who wants to become a parent is to become one only when he or she is ready for it. Only then would you give it your best. It does not matter whether at that point you are married or single. It does not matter how you are going about it, but become a parent only when you feel prepared to embrace it as a part of you. The child is an extension of yourself.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Anushka Sharma are expected to deliver their bundles of joy early next year. When asked how it was for him to welcome his baby into his life, Tusshar says, “It’s been the most joyous period of my life since I became a father. Today, I look at Laksshya and wonder what I would have done without him. How would I have passed these days of my life! Thanks to him, I have found purpose in every single day of my life. Of course, I dedicate time to my nephew also. Waiting for both the kids when they were expected was a period of hope, prayers and faith that something really special is on its way. Today, I feel my hands are full, I feel so grateful for this. I feel so happy I did it when I did it. If I had decided to step back and think, and plan too hard, this would have dragged on. In hindsight, becoming a parent was a fulfilling decision for me.”