Ujaan Ganguly: Working with Baba is an experience to cherish forever

Ujaan Ganguly who made his debut with Pavel-directed ‘Rosogolla’ will soon be seen in ‘Lokkhi Chele’. And guess what? The director of the film is none other than his father Kaushik Ganguly. The social drama was recently officially selected in International Competition Section at the Academi Award qualified Heartland International Film Festival 2020.

Considering the title of the film, what is the definition of ‘lokkhi chele’ for Ujaan? “Well, my parents and friends will be able to answer it better. I think I am a lokkhi chele, but at times, I am naughty too. To me the definition of a lokkhi chele is a boy who is honest and respects others. But, he can have flaws too as all human beings have both positive and negative sides,” explained the actor during an exclusive chat with ETimes.

“To me, lokkhi also means shubho, so to be a lokkhi chele, one has to contribute to society in a positive way. We will see this in the film,” added the actor.

With this film, Ujaan’s dream has finally come true because his father has directed him for the first time. “My dad has always been my mentor and a fun-loving friendly person. But to be with him in the professional zone, where he is my director, was an experience I want to cherish forever. Baba is my favourite director too,” said Ujaan.

‘Lokkhi Chhele’, under the banner of Widows Production, has a very relevant social message and sheds light on the superstition and stigmas in rural India and Bengal. The film follows the life of a young doctor who stood against social superstitions prevalent in the rural areas and is hell bent on bringing in a sea of changes among the villagers. The film was supposed to release this summer but due to the Coronavirus crisis and lockdown it got stalled.