'Varisi' is a film by a group of IT people based on crime against women

Karthik Doss, a former IT employee, left his high-paying job to get into films. His debut, Varisi, is a thriller based on true incidents that took place while he was working in the corporate sector.

The film, which has him in the lead along with Sapna Das, Krishnakumar Lakshman, Avis Manoj and Ganesh, deals with abuse.

Says Karthik, “It will be a non-linear script, something on the lines of Vaanam, where there will be three different stories and how their lives merge at some point. I’ve dealt with romance among different age groups in the film. The story also deals with crime against women, especially abduction, which keeps happening a lot these days. In fact, this is a story that was inspired by a real incident that I witnessed while I was still working.”

The team has wrapped up the shoot of the film, which has music by Nandha, and post-production work is going on in full swing. “We shot most of the film in and around Chennai. We headed to Kerala and Pondicherry for the song shoot,” he says, and adds, “Most of us who have worked on the film come from an IT background. We did a couple of short films, and eventually decided to do a feature film.”