Vikash Verma talks about his Indo-Polish venture 'No Means No'

Director Vikash Verma is excited to announce the release of his upcoming Bollywood film ‘No Means No’. He says, “I was waiting to release the film for a while and I’m elated to announce the release date for spring next year, tentatively on March 22. For me, this is a dream project as it will be the country’s first Indo-Polish film.”

The movie stars Dhruv Verma in a lead role. Besides him, Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deep Raj Rana and Polish actors such as Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Sylwia Czech , Pawel Czech, Nazia Hassan, Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, and Kat Kristian play pivotal roles in the film.

The director says, “Making this movie is a historical event, as it’s the first Indo-polish film ever made. It is 80 per cent filmed in Poland and 20 per cent in India. Both countries have maintained a close relationship even before WWII. It has been a goal for India and Poland to strengthen their relations further through the movie industry and they have been working on it for some time now. Amidst film festivals and mutual promotions, the time has come to solidify this productive union with a high budget film.”