Vishnu Vishal: I'm being more cautious and doing what is good for the industry

In an interview to Chennai Times, Vishnu Vishal had explained why he thinks it isn’t a good idea to go for shooting when uncertainty exists with regard to opening of theatres. A few veterans from the industry, too, explained their stand on the same through their social media accounts. When producer Dhananjayan Govind opined that it’s best to keep films ready rather than waiting for theatres to open, Vishnu said his opinion was regarding his project FIR. He tweeted, “Sir i respect ur point of view for unfinished films. I only spoke abt my film #FIR n what suits me as a producer/actor. Also my point of view as a consumer. #Kaadan #Aranya is alrdy in post production n i think @ErosNow wants a theatrical release. I can shoot n finish #FIR.”

Vishnu added that he knows he will have to be a part of several projects which will have to queue up for release. He also remembered what his film Silukkuvarupatti Singam went through when it released along with other notable films in December 2018. His tweet read, “But i am only gonna be a part of a long queue of films to be in line for release like so many times before n kill each others business. I have seen the mess before in 2018 Dec 21st being more cautious n also doing what is good for the industry n me.. #myopinion.”

The Ratsasan actor avers his decision is in the interest of the industry, adding, “So it is only good that i WAIT AND WATCH since the situation is beyond our control.. Im trying to do what is in my control. Best wishes to the films that are going to shoot and want to finish asap. Rest we wil discuss in private. #eachproductisdifferent #lettheindustryflourish.”