“We all are blessed that you came to us our angel,” pens Aarya Babbar sharing birthday posts for baby sister Kajri Babbar

We often feel that celebrities are very different from us, but behind their high profile lives, they actually are as grounded as you and me. For instance, when it comes to sibling bonds, they too share the same love, as you do with your baby sister or brother. A proof of the same is the recent series of posts shared by Aarya Babbar on his sister Kajri Babbar’s birthday.

He first shared a blast from the past; a childhood picture and wrote – “Happy Birthday @kajribabbar ! Thank you for always being the angel we all needed in our life… I think, just got lucky, blessed to have you as a younger sister #girlpower #love #bhaiya and yes always going to be extra possessive when it comes to you #BoysBeScared #killyouall #elderbrother #brothertalking #hugs #happy #birthday #wishes #siblings #siblinglove”

Then he posted another picture from a family function, where everyone else was lost in one or the other thing, while Kajri was focused posing for the camera. Sharing the picture, Aarya wrote – “Centre of attention ladies and gentlemen! Please notice how she doesnt lose the focus no matter what chaos the world is in! Our lioness @kajribabbar Happy Birthday! Thats a different point that here all she cares is how she’s looking 😜😝 hehe”

Last but not least, he shared a monochrome picture of all siblings and penned – “We all are blessed that you came to us our angel. You are the youngest but honestly the brightest and the pillar which holds us together. Always there holding you close and thinking that im protecting you when actually it is the other way round ☺️🤗 #happybirthday”