We must preserve our traditional delicacies: Tejaswini Pandit

We must preserve our traditional delicacies: Tejaswini Pandit The pandemic may have created a slowed-down life, but it has also made us realise the importance of simple pleasures. The ample proof of the same we got when actor Tejaswini Pandit happily shared that she has nailed the art of making steamed modaks in the very first attempt.

Updating a picture of her modaks on social media, in the caption, she shared, “I have made ukadiche modaks for the very first time. It’s not that I have done something extraordinary but for me it definitely feels like ‘stepping up a ladder’ moment. In lockdown, many of us have learnt to enjoy simple pleasures. People who could make perfect puran poli, ukadiche modaks and sheera etc, are considered sugaran. Some of my close family members tell me that I make amazing sheera, and I can cook well as well. In this fast paced world, we don’t make efforts to make these traditional dishes as they are readily available in the market. At first, I tried making the first one without any mould and but the rest were made with the help of the mould. Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still. There is no alternative to hard-work. So, from next year, I’ll not get ready-made modaks.”

Speaking to us, Tejaswini said, “I’m happy that I could successfully make the modaks in my very first attempt. Everyone in my family loved it, and gave me a lot of happiness and satisfaction. The traditional dishes seem to be losing their appeal. We must try and preserve them and introduce to the next generation. Also, when you make something with all your heart, it reaches Almighty. The entire process was tiring and full of hits and misses but I must say that all is well that ends well.”