Where is Mallika Sherawat’s Indian adaptation of The Good Wife?

Bombay Times was the first to write about Mallika Sherawat turning producer and adapting the show, The Good Wife, for the Indian audience. She had hired a team of writers that was rewiring the story to suit Indian dynamics. That was in 2018. Two years down, there is no trace of the show yet.

Bring it up and Mallika says, “The deal was cancelled… The #MeToo movement impacted the American film and television industry in such a way that we could not keep the deal to create the Indian adaptation for the show. Yes, the movement was actively supported by the press and today, people think twice before acting funny with a woman, especially in the workspace but I lost my show to that movement. The Good Wife was a passion project for me and I was expected to collaborate with Ronnie Screwvala and Sooni Taraporevala for it. But as they say, destiny always has different and probably, better plans for you. So, I am sure I will find something better to back. What I am most happy about is that the #MeToo movement made such a huge difference to workplaces across the world for women. They found the courage to speak up and not take the shorter end of the stick, purely because they are women.”

Elaborating on the importance of destagmatising the conversations around sex and inculcating the idea of mutual consent among youngsters, Mallika says, “You have to engage youngsters in an honest and open conversation about sex. Men have to be a part of the solution from the very beginning. Gender equality is so important and it needs to be practiced from the time children are young.”