Why Tahira Kashyap Khurrana enjoys being a photographer

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana has been making the most of her time in Chandigarh. Her husband, actor Ayushmann Khurrana, brother-in-law Aparshakti Khurana, kids and sister-in-law Akriti travelled by road to their home city in Punjab a few months ago and have been there ever since. Aparshakti and Ayushmann resumed work by doing ad films while Tahira has submitted the manuscript of her upcoming book months ahead of its deadline, which falls later this year. Tahira, who often steps out for cycling around town with or without her husband, has now begun to explore photography. The filmmaker-writer has been using her phone to click pictures and weave narratives around them as a beginner’s exercise.

We and our environment are one. There is no bigger a truth than this.

This relationship with the nature is a two way process.

Ab nai samajhe toh kab

These pictures that I took while cycling around my hometown have been the biggest source of inspiration, happiness and self introspection too. I today value nature/environment honestly like never before.

Yeh hai toh hum hain, let’s make the other way possible too. Let’s conserve 💚

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I go here everyday and the sky is always showing it’s different moods to me. This is where I reflect, I change, I move on. A place that reminds me to have gratitude and to let things go. Neither are the skies the same everyday nor are its colours. Only one thing is consistent that a new day shows up. And that’s life.

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“I am a story-teller and I seek stories everywhere that I go. It just so happened that I started enjoying the company of nature in my hometown so much that I started taking pictures of whatever appealed to my eyes. I would slow down my cycle and use my phone to click. I started seeing stories in things, in people, on landmarks and in life around me. That’s how I started exploring photography as a means to say something. It’s for a reason that people say that a photo speaks a thousand words. It’s turned out to be a great exercise for me. The temperature in Chandigarh has shot up a bit, so I’ll start cycling again when it cools down a bit.”