With ‘Cheeni’s success, Madhumita starts the new year on a positive note

The year 2020 was anything but normal for everyone. However, Madhumita Sarcar who has received a lot of praise for her latest release ‘Cheeni’ has started the year 2021 on a positive note. For the actress, last year had so much to do with adapting and accommodating oneself to the new normal.

So, what the year 2020 made her realise about herself? To this, Madhumita says the most important thing has been patience: “Patience is the most important thing in life. Even if you have nothing, it is important to have patience. And patience teaches us everything else in life. That is the most important thing I learnt while staying at home. Ultimately everything will be okay,” shares the actress.

Did she pick up any hobbies during the long phase of lockdown? Well, Madhumita is nostalgic to share this: “I got back to playing badminton that I used to play during childhood.”

As everyone loves to travel we asked her when and where she traveled last. “To North Sikkim in November. From Bagdogra, I went straight to North Sikkim. I was at a place where there was probably one homestay in the entire place… I loved going around with the local people there. I felt like doing a shoot of my own, so I shot a few portions of that. It was a very nice experience,” said Madhumita.

So, how was it like shooting during the pandemic? “There was a slight anxiety of course. Every unit member had to go through thorough checking every day. It seemed like there was a sanitiser shop on the set! But after getting ready and with the make-up done, all those thoughts did not prevail in the mind any longer,” signed off the actress.