World Gratitude Day: Sauraabh Gokhaale thanks family, friends and fans

Think about all of the things you have in life that you should be grateful for. Things like family, friendships, a relationship, perhaps children, pets, your good health, a stable career, your access to education, the roof over your head, the food in your refrigerator, and the clean drinking water running out of your faucet, are just to name a few.

Regardless of your circumstances, each one of us has a lot to be thankful for in our respective lives. No person, place, or object is too big or too small to acknowledge and show your appreciation for on World Gratitude Day.

World Gratitude Day is celebrated on 21st of September every year. This particular day unites the entire world in praising a day loaded with appreciation, gratefulness and gratitude.

On this occasion, we spoke to Sauraabh Gokhaale, who is known for his strong personality and great work in the Marathi film industry. The ‘Sarva Line Vyasta Ahet’ actor says he has a lot of people to thank because, in every stage of life he has received immense love, support and motivation from different people.

“I am really thankful to my family for bringing me to this beautiful world and giving me so much so that I could lead a good life. I also want to thank my teachers for imparting so much knowledge and then another very important person is my wife Anuja, she has stood by me through thick and thin, I am also thankful to my beautiful and supportive friends and last but not the least, my amazing pets. I am also very grateful to my fans and followers. Whatever little, I have achieved today, it’s all because of their support and love. The spot that I have achieved in my life is because of all these people in my life, so thank you to each one of you, love you all,” concludes, Sauraabh.