World Wildlife Day: Malvi Malhotra talks about the need to raise more awareness

It’s World Wildlife Day today, a day specially marked out to raise awareness about the world’s flora and fauna. People are voicing how important it is to do so and actress Malvi Malhotra also shares her views on the same . She says, “Today is World Wildlife Day and I think we must raise awareness on issues that impact wildlife. The theme for 2021 is: ‘Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet’. Our Mother Earth is home to countless species of flora and fauna that help balance the environment. We are blessed to have deserts, rainforests, mountains, plains – a whole ecosystem that our wildlife depends on. Thus, there is an urgent need to conserve these so that they survive and thrive. We need to observe their problems, the threats that they are facing and more people must be aware of these issues. If one person is educated on this, he can pass that information on to another and so on and so forth. And everyone can do their bit on a personal level to help animals, even by changing their outlook.” She adds, “It’s the right time to conserve our forests and planet and take up any initiative to help in conservation efforts.”

Malvi also shared a few lines from a poem, to mark this day:

शोर यूँ ही परिंदों ने ना मचाया होगा ज़रूर जंगल की तरफ़ शहर से कोई आया होगा ..!

पेड़ काटने वालो को यह तो मालूम था

पेड़ कट जाएँगे तो परिंदों के सर न साया होगा …!!