Zareen Khan reveals she is not friends with a lot of people in Bollywood, says she doesn’t believe in forging friendships for the sake of it

Zareen Khan recently opened up about being a part of Bollywood and building relationships there. According to her, she is not friends with a lot of people in showbiz and also doesn’t believe in forging friendships.

Talking about the same, Zareen told a news portal that she is not really friends with a lot of people there. The actress added that she doesn’t go to every film party with the top-notch people, whatever the term is. She is not a part of that circle. However, there are a few people she has managed to make friends with here. According to her, the industry is not made of only actors, there are technicians too. She hangs out with them.

Elaborating further, Zareen added that she has seen people showing they are friends but doesn’t know how much of it is true. According to her, it’s a very competitive field even though they say they are friends. They all want to be on the top. However, the actress feels that she is not really in that bracket or zone or trying to compete. She is here to do good and quality work. Zareen added that she is in no race to be called the number one actress. She is very much at peace.

Zareen Khan has films like, ‘Veer’, ‘Housefull 2’, ‘Hate Story 3’, and others to her credit.