Zareen Khan: The travel bug in me is making me long for a winter holiday

Winter is getting folks to wish they headed out on a snowy break. Actress Zareen Khan shares how she’s been feeling that way, too and why she loves travelling. Speaking to Bombay Times, Zareen, says, “I guess a little bit of travelling is being allowed now, but I remember during the lockdown when it wasn’t permitted, I used to look at all these travel photos and posts and literally have tears in my eyes, thinking ‘When am I going to get to visit these places again?’ So yes, I have a major travel bug in me, which has been biting me for a while now, since I haven’t been able to do so,” she laughs.

‘One of my best breaks was in LA around Christmas’

Which is her favourite kind of holiday, we ask? She replies, “Well, there are actually so many places. I love the snow, but over a period of time it can also get to be a little too much as bohot zyada thand I can’t really tolerate. But I think one of my best breaks was in LA, the year before last. It was around Christmas when I had gone there and it was all really pristine and beautiful, so I would love to visit LA again. It has the perfect amount of cold – not too cold or warm, it’s just the perfect weather. London again is very beautiful in winter, but you can’t be there for more than a week because then the snow just gets to you,” she says.